Skeletal Creatures Carved Out Of Everyday Objects

Artist - Maskull Lasserre 

his name is maskull and he carves skeletons you have no idea how happy this makes me

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I also get fed up with the fact that casting agents and directors have this impression of me as being frail and petite. I find it very patronizing. I’m quite beefy and strong. I was a gymnast in school and I have lots of muscles.

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Hiccup’s eyes

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Happy 50th to the Doctor and his TARDIS.

Here’s a collection of my artwork that I felt would be appropriate for The Day of the Doctor! The paintings starting from the top are All of Time and Space, The Roar of Our Stars, The Turn of the Universe, The Parting of the Ways, and The Lonely God. (The bottom four are licensed through Big Chief Studios / BBC!)

Thank you to everyone who has supported my art throughout the years! I really appreciate it and couldn’t have gotten this series done without ya’ll.

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…this is getting maudlin.  can we go?

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